Pricing the Digital Transformation

Fundamentals of Pricing

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Living services and smart objects are already impacting how we work, play, and live our lives. Over the next decade, the digital experiences and real-time analytics, together, will deliver a new layer of connected intelligence that will fundamentally transform how brands and organizations think of digital products and services. Behavioral, contextual, and immersive offers will create a plethora of business opportunities, and these new digital experiences will require innovative approaches to how we price and monetize. In this e-book, we aim to explore the future of pricing and monetization for the next wave of digital transformation.


" We found the pricing canvas workshop eye-opening! It completely changed our understanding of how pricing should be created and controlled using process and data. Can't recommend enough!"

Colin Hirdman

Co-Founder, Augurian

Get your team together

Pricing is multi-disciplinary. Get your product, marketing, sales, and finance team together.

Set aside two half-days

Set aside at least half a day. Collect the relevant data and validate your inputs.Get together for another half day.

Focus on growth

First identify a specific growth path. Then create the pricing and monetization strategy to execute that growth.

How to make best of your pricing efforts?

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